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What is a WeChat Official Account?


Just like Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn have personal and company accounts, WeChat has personal and official accounts.

A WeChat Official Account:

  • Authenticates your brand and business

  • Can reach an unlimited audience (unlike personal accounts)

  • Works in concert with your WeChat Personal Account for Business Development

  • Lays the foundation for your Digital Pathway to China

Control Your Brand


RCN Asia WeChat Official Account Setup (WeChat OA) provides your business with complete and customised support through the complicated process of setting up your business account with Tencent, the Chinese company behind WeChat. 

This includes handling every aspect of the application process, including the nuanced steps to the 3rd party audit process, which most Western companies struggle with and many fail to complete.

Fast Service

The RCN service for WeChat Official Account application is literally the fastest in the world, with verification in just 1-5 days. 

The fastest verification we have successfully completed in 3 hours. Our competitors typically offer 30 to 90 days time frame. RCN is more efficient, because we live, breathe, eat and sleep China commerce. 

RCN set up includes the USD$99 Tencent application fees, however there is an ongoing additional cost of US$99 per annum, US$200 if RCN manages the renewal each year. 


Needed for:

Content Marketing


A WeChat OA is mission-critical in order to be able to use KAWO for CONTENT MARKETING. Kawo is an enterprise content marketing platform that connects to Instagram, Twitter and Facebook, pulling through your Western content for quicker editing and translation for Chinese audiences. 

With a WeChat OA you can also integrate GRATA for CUSTOMER SERVICE and CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE MANAGEMENT. Both technologies support remote collaboration with offsite personnel for cost efficiency. RCN can also introduce you to Chinese support teams. 

Protecting your IP

During the application process you will be able to OFFICIALLY REGISTER YOUR BRAND INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY to protect your unique brand in the Tencent WeChat Ecosystem. 


Either you can appoint RCN to act as a third party to be paid a SERVICE LEVEL AGREEMENT to manage your content marketing for you OR we can set up your staff member, subcontractor or agency to access this on your behalf.  

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