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WeChat Official Account

Application and Verification 1-5 Days

  • 1 hour
  • 750 US dollars
  • Online Video Conference Call


WeChat Official Account (OA) application with verification 1-5 days (excludes the USD$99 Tencent application fee). Provides your business with the complete customised support through the complicated process of setting your business account with Tencent. This step will set you up for CONTENT MARKETING. A separate step is needed for your WECHATPAY application. If in doubt, please use the free Value Discovery (under bookings) for our guidance on the steps for your business. The reason we separate these steps out, is because marketing departments need to get to work on content planning and production long before payments will hit the bank account. Yet they are wrongly being told they have to wait up to 6 weeks. A WeChat OA is mission critical in order to be able to use KAWO FOR CONTENT MARKETING into your WeChat Official Account and then to be shared by WeChat Personal Accounts or GRATA FOR CUSTOMER SERVICE and CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE MANAGEMENT. During the application process you will be able to OFFICIALLY REGISTER YOUR BRAND INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY to protect your unique brand in the Tencent WeChat ecosystem. You can appoint RCN to act as a third party to be paid a SERVICE LEVEL AGREEMENT to manage your content marketing for you OR we can set up your staff member or subcontractor or agency to access this on your behalf.

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