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WeChat for Business | 1 on 1 | Leader

Learn how to use WeChat to grow your organisation.

  • 45 minutes
  • 500 US dollars
  • Online Video Conference Call


1 on 1 | Leader This course is for anyone in a team leadership position where it is important to achieve organisational standards in the management of China-facing communications. As a team leader, whether you are a private business owner, or working in corporate, or for a non-government organisation, not-for-profit, or in a government department, you will learn how you can take charge of your own personal brand, while supporting the on-brand communication of your colleagues. WECHAT FOR BUSINESS: How to use your WeChat Personal Account to control your personal brand, corporate brand, manage contacts, network, build a community and get paid. WeChat for Business includes full Set up and comprehensive training. WECHAT FOR COMMUNITIES: Group Set Up for Lifestyle, Volunteers, Work groups, Focus Groups, Community groups, Customers & Referrers, Collaboration for inside and outside Teams, dependent on what you need to use WeChat for. PROMOTION: RCN Asia will promote your personal account to up to 25,000 Chinese B2B and B2C connections in WeChat.​ HOW TO CULTIVATE AND FILTER YOUR MOST TRUSTED CHINA BUSINESS RELATIONSHIPS TO GROW FAST. Learn from leading China Influencer Simon Young • Etiquette of Networking with your Chinese Contacts. • Fast use of Translation tool to cross language barrier. • Practical use of WeChat for business activities in China. THE WORKSHOP • Guided Set up of both WeChat Mobile & Desktop. • Administrating and Verifying your account • Adding contacts and getting connected. • Join the RCN Asia & Friends Group. • Adding info to your contacts. • Groups - forming, joining and growing. • Creating and sharing content. • Sharing Links, directing web traffic. • Articles from WeChat Official Accounts • Sharing LinkedIn articles and web links. • Using WeChat Moments to publicise content • Share your vibe, to build your tribe. We advocate that each organisation can become its own brand influencer and establish people who are on point to learn how to have influence in Eastern social media. We recommend you enrol in the Real Influence Training course if this interests you. We also recommend one of the first important steps is to have a Personalised Chinese Name.

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