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S1:E1-MYRIVR-The People who help People

This 32-Minute first video episode of Red Hat Talks, walks us through the journey of MYRIVR. A cross-cultural community services app, being called the Airbnb of Social Services. 

The "Chosen One'.


Chosen by Saatchi & Saatchi with Starcom to build trust in the New Zealand Electoral Commission to enlist Chinese-New Zealanders to vote in the 2017 General Elections. The result is that Chinese voter participation grew.


Simon who is a fluent speaker and writer in Chinese, is known as 杨瑾鸿 and has one of the largest followings of Chinese speaking people online. Simon's RED HAT TALK interviews feature thought leaders who have crossed the cultural divide and climbed to reach the pinnacle of business on the mountain of opportunity with China.

Simon Young | 杨瑾鸿


How to get involved.


We invite you to follow Simon on the Social Links below to keep up to date with alerts on forthcoming episodes, featuring some of the world's leading experts on China Commerce. 

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