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Over several sessions (with time for practice), the four-hour Real Influence workshop equips you with the complete toolkit - with mindset and mobile apps - that you need ...
Real Influence with Glyn MacLean
4 hr
Real Influence

With 1.4 billion potential customers,

China is the mountain of
consumer opportunity. 


Scaling that mountain is also an
to improve ourselves.

"It is not the mountain we conquer,

but ourselves" Sir Edmund Hillary

Old brands used to yell at customers
from behind the safe cover of advertising.

New brands hired influencers to persuade

on their behalf. That world is falling apart,

as consumers question which voices

they can trust to be authentic.


They can trust your voice

- if you share it.

The battle for China's hearts and minds

is not won by the loudest voice.

Your competitors already spend

more than your entire budget

on advertising volume...

...and they're willing

to lose money! 

Don't try to be loud.

Be authentic.

Be you.

Authenticity breaks through
inauthentic content clutter.

Make a real connection

with your audience.

  You've worked hard to create your voice,

and give your customers a good experience.

You have all the tools at your fingertips,

all you need is the method and

the mindset to make them

work for you.

The age of the brand


is here.

You have what it takes to 

become the leading voice

of your brand... order to...

get attention

curate interest and desire 

create a call to scalable action.


RCN was one of the early Western pioneers and innovators for China digital. Since then, RCN has been chosen by global marketing agencies and governments to become a leading voice of influence to Chinese communities. This led RCN to become the voice of influence that inspired Chinese New Zealand citizens to trust the democratic voting system, and also the biosecurity system in New Zealand. RCN has also been the face and voice of New Zealand Rugby - All Blacks since 2013, and worked with numerous New Zealand, Australian and American brands, including Hollywood Creative Academy, Young Artist Academy Awards (USA). 


Now it's your turn.

Over several sessions (with time for practice),

the four-hour Real Influence workshop

equips you with the complete toolkit

- with mindset and mobile apps -

that you need to become...

...your own brand


Real influence Black and Red.png
Real influence Black and Red.png

Marketing Strategy
Why share YOU
How to share YOU
When to share YOU
Influence Channels
The skills you learn will be useful
in the following channels: 
Digital Platforms
How to create content
with these apps;
Learn how to
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