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YOUTH+ & RCN ASIA 共同打造亞洲創作人數字媒體平臺 Jointly building a digital media platform for Asian Innovators

Original優思青年共生平臺YOUTH国际杰出青年平台 1 week ago

今天,YOUTH+很高興為大家介紹我們的新朋友:RCN Asia。Today, Youth + is pleased to introduce our new friend: RCN Asia.

RCN Asia(紅圈網)專注於建構一個讓人們互助合作進入亞洲市場的資訊類數字媒體平臺。

RCN Asia is focused on building a collaborative and informative digital media platform for people to enter the Asian market

Asia Support Services | RCN Asia has launched this Channel & Community to help individuals and organisations succeed with their Asia aspirations. We welcome you to follow this here for helpful articles and links on Asia Culture & Commerce.

RCN Asia開發領先的社區和電子商務引擎,以提供“從西往東”(FROM WEST TO EAST)的平臺對接功能上超越了亞洲大部分機构。RCN Asia has developed a leading community and e-commerce engine that provides platform connectivity "FROM WEST TO EAST" with capabilities that surpass most organizations in Asia.

RCN Asia的商業模式也跟其他網絡大有不同,他們提供自助服務引擎和IP授權協議,協助海外商戶在亞洲推廣和銷售他們的知識產權。在《附屬推薦委員會計劃》裏獲得認證的合作夥伴將被允許在RCN亞洲網絡內銷售其產品或服務。RCN Asia's business model is also very different from other networks, providing self-service engines and IP licensing agreements to help overseas merchants promote and sell their intellectual property in Asia. Partners certified under the Affiliated Recommendation Committee Program will be allowed to sell their products or services within the RCN Asia network.

RCN希望支持國際上有興趣進入亞洲發展事業的個人和企業通過共同興趣網和專業領域達致業務聯動和複利效應。RCN wants to support international individuals and companies interested in pursuing careers in Asia to achieve business connectivity and compound interest through networks of common interests and areas of expertise.

本頻道由生活、呼吸、飲食和睡眠都在亞洲的經驗豐富的亞洲文化和商務專家創建。This channel has been created by experienced Asia Culture & Commerce experts who live, breathe, eat and sleep Asia .

我們將一起用英語提供內容,讓生活在亞洲以外的人們更容易獲得支持,參與亞洲的友誼和活動。Together we will present content in English to make it easier for people living outside Asia to be supported with their journey into Asian friendships and activities.

這種支持將是政府、公司、非政府組織、中小企業和個人前往亞洲的理想選擇。This support will be ideal for Government, Corporations, NGOs, Small-to-medium business and individuals moving along their journey into Asia.

項目源起 Project origin

YOUTH+RCN Asia 的這場關於合作的對話,起源於于今年的6月,當我們平臺亞洲大灣區的孵化器運營總監Michael Eagleton向我介紹了他在澳洲的朋友、RCN Asia的创始人Glyn MacLean时,我們正在筹备今年YOUTH+平臺最大的Big Idea:YOUTH+MakerSpace(先鋒青創實驗室),以應對平臺推出的一系列包括在非遺時尚、青年影視及電競三大主營業務模版,特別是應對今年在大灣區深港澳三大時裝周與品牌聯動三地新銳設計師研發的非遺潮流產品和跨界合作話題之宣傳營銷行動。This conversation about cooperation between YOUTH+ & RCN Asia originated in June this year, when Michael Eagleton, the Incubator Operations Director of our Asia Greater Bay Area platform, introduced to me his friend Glyn MacLean, the founder of RCN Asia, who is in Australia. We are preparing for the Biggest Idea of Youth + this year: The YOUTH+ MakerSpace ( Youth+ Innovation Lab )

In response to our platform's launch of a series of three main business templates including intangible cultural heritage fashion, youth film & television, and e-sports. This is a emerging designers brand linkage publicity and marketing action in response to the intangible cultural heritage products and cross-border cooperation topics developed in the three major fashion weeks of Shenzhen, Hong Kong, and Macau in the Greater Bay Area of China this year.

YOUTH+平臺設在亞洲大灣區的孵化器運營總監 Michael Eagleton

Michael Eagleton, Director of Incubator operations for Asia Youth + in the Greater Bay Area of China

RCN Asia的创始人Glyn MacLean

Glyn MacLean, Founder of RCN Asia

RCN Asia的创始合夥人:Simon Young

Simon Young, Founding Partner of RCN Asia

Glyn,Simon(RCN Asia合夥人),Michael和Gisella的第一次線上會議在建立品牌社群化的信念不謀而合,RCN Asia一直致力於協助對亞洲網絡感興趣的海外人士參與到中國項目,而YOUTH+目標正是讓更多東方文化以時尚化、市場化的管道與世界交朋友。The first online meeting of Glyn, Simon (Partner of RCN Asia), Michael and Gisella coincidently believe in establishing brand community. RCN Asia has been committed to assisting overseas people interested in Asian networks to participate in Chinese projects. And the goal of YOUTH+ is to assist more oriental cultures in making friends with the world through fashionable and market-oriented channels.

Embrace together

| 我們相互擁抱。

通過互聯網,我們的平臺總監:Gisella、Michael和RCN Asia的兩位創始人就這樣滔滔不絕地談了將近兩小時的會議,從如何以互聯網為協助品牌文宣從界面呈現到背後的SAAS邏輯、完整的信息工具和國內外兼融有效的網絡通路,我們熱衷地展示著會員的產品和策辦過的活動。還沒等到第二次會議,YOUTH+TALK已經進駐RCN Asia成為其中一個媒體專欄和社區網。Across the Internet, our platform directors: Gisella, Michael and the two founders of RCN Asia talked about the meeting for nearly two hours, from how to use the Internet to assist the brand's promotion from the interface to the SAAS logic behind it. We are keen to showcase members’ products and planned activities. Even before the second meeting, Youth + Talk had already entered RCN Asia as one of its media columns and community networks.


Of course, you can already see the column of Youth + (education/esports) in it



Creative Industry Exploitation

截止目前,RCN Asia Talks和RCN Asia TV已獲得認證,通過Oikos Media在Netflix、Apple、Amazon Prime中播放。As of now, RCN Asia Talks and RCN Asia TV have been certified for streaming on Netflix, Apple and Amazon Prime via Oikos Media.

Oikos更獲簽約成為好萊塢創意學院在中國的數字代理和分銷商平臺,負責數位圖像傳播和視頻設計落地 Oikos has also been signed as the digital agent and distributor platform of Hollywood Academy of Creative Arts in China, responsible for digital image dissemination and video design.

正如YOUTH MOVIE在2017年已經引入了全美最大的校園電影節:CMF一樣,好萊塢創意學院號召好萊塢電影製作班底組成導師團,讓音樂,電影,時尚類的製作人,管理人和媒體人學習荷里活成功系統,從而建立自己的事業。Just as Youth Movie introduced the nation's largest campus film festival, CMF, in 2017, the Hollywood Academy of Creative Arts is calling on Hollywood filmmakers to form mentoring groups to teach music, film, fashion producers, executives, and media people how to build their own businesses by learning about the Hollywood Success System.

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