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YOUTH+ Bay Talent Co-development Platform

YOUTH+ is an incubation platform for young designers and emerging brands in China, especially in Greater Bay Area. The platform adopts the core concept of “gathering youth power and practicing industrial co-development”. It discovers talented young people, especially Hong Kong people, in the fields of fashion, technology, culture and education, supports the branding and marketing of outstanding projects by integrating professional tutors, global resources and complete production chain.

The platform will establish a resource pool of "cross-border talents" and "Chinese brands" as well as develop a series of brand and product know-how in Bay Area starting from the base of Shenzhen. It will create a lot of "Bay Label” facilitated with outstanding full supply chain, domestic and foreign new media, cross-border e-commerce resources, and design talents. It aims to promote thousands of "Bay Label" products with "low-price and good-quality" to the world market.

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