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Which leaders performed best? USA or China?

Which leaders performed best over the last 3 decades – American or Chinese? This question is raised by this top US academic.


1. In the last 30 years China’s GDP per capita increased 32 times. 3200 per cent.

2. China’s rise to great power status is the most peaceful ever achieved. It hasn't engaged in any wars during those 30 years (US has one almost every year as well as pursuing policies to overthrow governments and cripple economies through sanctions)

3. Economists globally agree that Chinese growth has benefited US and Aussie consumers by lowering the price of goods

4. China has benefited many countries in Africa, Europe and Asia building key infrastructure on better terms that IMF offer

5. China is achieving better health outcomes than the US

6. Chinese students score higher than American students on IQ tests and international standardised tests

Do our leaders have financial, bureaucratic and ideological reasons to oppose China’s peaceful rise?

What are we afraid of China actually doing?

The real issue is not China wishing to dominate the world but Washington fearing China will stop the US from continuing to do so!

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