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What’s it like being a FOREIGNER in Shenzhen | 外国人在深圳

In this video we interviewed a few foreign friends. 这期视频采访了几个外国友人

Before they came to China, their understanding of China was: crowded, sushi, and many dialects. 他们(她们)们来到中国前 对中国的理解是:拥挤,寿司,很多方言。

Is their view of China still the same after they came here? What’s it like being a foreigner in Shenzhen, China?

Let's listen to it together! 在中国深圳当外国人是什么感觉? 我们一起来听听吧!

Listen to what expats living in Shenzhen thought about China before arriving here and how much their views changed over time. 听听居住在深圳的外国人在抵达这里之前对中国的看法,以及他们的观点随着时间的推移发生了多少变化。

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