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What is Australia's Plan B?

Duncan Calder | 邓曜东 | MD, Contour Capital

Are we Australians prepared for decades of economic pain? Is Canberra softening us up for recessionary times for our children and grandchildren? This journalist promotes a Plan B of abandoning efforts to fix our damaged relationship with China in favour of finding new markets, even though "It will take years, perhaps decades, for our exporters to secure new markets." Crazy stuff!

Not much of a Plan B is it?

Perhaps working with organisations like the Australia China Friendship Society to begin the hard slog to save our children's economic future would be smarter!

After all Aussies have spent decades building close relationships with China that can be foundational to a new Plan B, a Plan B with hope for our children.

After all our State Premiers have largely sought to distance themselves from the ideological assault on China that has been encouraged by the US and from which the US benefits at the expense of Australia. Premiers like McGowan and Andrews can help.

All Canberra needs to do is to put down the megaphone, delegate diplomacy to diplomats not ex-soldiers and stop escalating the issues (for example by targeting the symbolic Victorian BRI MOU that in substance is no threat).

Some joint sporting and cultural exchanges too please!

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