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WeChat Weekly: 11 March 2022

Every week, RCN ASIA shares eight of the best Asia engagement stories from the ASIA ENGAGE APP community into the RCN ASIA WeChat Official Account. We call it WeChat Weekly, and here are this week's stories:

#1 Food Security

RCN Advisor: Stephan Horvath

Food security is Quickly Becoming a Pressing Issue in Our Time.

#2 Xinjiang Truth?

Curated by RCN Asia

Access the viewpoints and judge the truth for yourself.

#3 China's roadmap 2022/23

Curated by RCN Asia

An easy-to-read summary of the Chinese government work report and roadmap for 2022-2023

#4 Past Conflicts: Future Harmony

Asia Advisors; Glyn MacLean and Simon Young

In this article, we draw on historical comparisons between Islam and Christianity, and compare those conflicts with the present conflict between Ukraine and Russia, looking to what these shared histories can teach us about how we can come to unity, and the harmony of humanity.

#5 Stay engaged with Asia.

Asia Advisor: Simon Young

An invitation and guide to STAY ENGAGED WITH ASIA.

#6 Asia for Agencies

Asia Advisor: Simon Young

Advertising and Marketing Clients need the support of an agency to form an effective and sustainable communications and market engagement strategy to engage Asian audiences.

#7 RCN Asia | The RCN Asia Experience

RCN Asia clients speak about their experience.

#8 RCN Asia | Are you content?

Asia Advisor: Simon Young

Learn how your content could be distributed by RCN Asia.

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