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WA is saving Australia

Western Australia is increasingly being targeted by anti-China hysterics for its rational focus on maintaining a positive relationship with China. This despite the comments of Shadow Treasurer Jim Chalmers yesterday that Josh Frydengerg’s Federal Budget was a “thank you card” to WA for “single-handedly holding up the national balance sheet”.

WA is saving the nation solely through our trade with China. WA understands China, at a Government level, at a business level and at a community level.

This understanding was well illustrated by bipartisan support from WA Labor and State Opposition for a new community centre in the southern suburbs of Perth to help the large Australian Chinese community - who appreciate this assistance as shown in this brief video of thanks. What a fabulous initiative and a sign that multiculturalism is alive and well in WA.

In contrast the sad article in today’s Australian criticising WA leaders for their vision and promoting a joke storyline that the recipient community and aged care body is an organ of the CCP is the worst kind of lies! Indeed, the ignorance of Eastern States journalists is matched only by the blubbering divisive agenda of old Prof Clive H who should be ignored as a disgrace to the academic community.

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