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USA faces massive tragedy - who's asking questions?

Duncan Calder | 邓曜东 | MD, Contour Capital

From the ABC: "Last week, the United States recorded more deaths in a single day than in the 9/11 terrorist attacks, which was previously the country's deadliest day in modern history." "On average, 2,500 Americans are dying each day from the disease. Every 30 seconds, a family loses someone."

What is most tragic is that these deaths were avoidable. The US had months to prepare for COVID-19 and failed in a way that many would have thought impossible for a first world country let alone the world's supposed super power.

The US has had 947 deaths for every million people. 947! This compares to 3 deaths for every million people in China. And unlike China the situation in the US is getting worse every day.

Surely if we are to have credibility and not be seen as hypocritical then Australia should be leading the charge demanding an Independent Investigation into the monstrous mismanagement of COVID-19 by the world's largest economy?

Can Australia truly be independent and hold our allies to account in the same way as we do other countries? Or will we continue to apply double standards?

I won't be holding my breath.

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