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Time for Australia to stand up for itself - against the USA

It is time for Australians to focus less on our relationship with China and more on fixing our relationship with the US. The flaws in that relationship are the root of our problems with China. They explain why Japan, Korea, Singapore have a more mature relationship with China than us even though their histories with China are more challenging.

We should be proud that Australia is one of the best democracies in the world. But our subservience to the US repeatedly results in policies in the national interests of the US which are directly contrary to the national interests of Australia. This is exacerbated by US control of our media.

This is why China cancels orders from Australian farmers and replaces them with orders from US barley growers!!

This is why Canberra criticises China at every turn but is incapable of criticising the US even in the face of the monumental screw up in its mismanagement of COVID-19. Imagine what our papers would say if China had 792 deaths per million of its population (like the US) rather than just 3 deaths per million?

It is time for Australia to be confident and to wean itself off the breast of the US and act in our own true national interests.

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