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Time for Australia to dig out the recipe for humble pie

Premier Mark McGowan leads the way again in protecting Australia’s national interests. This powerful message should be coming from Anthony Albanese to stress the massive importance and massive urgency of Australia waking up to reality and developing a plan in our national interests to protect Australian jobs and save us from a deep and lasting recession.

Our flawed decisions to be the attack dog for Trump against China has no upside for Australia and massive downside. It seems like Canberra collectively does not possess any appreciation for the serious economic consequences for Australia of being sidelined and ignored by China as China increasingly develops strategies to bypass Australia.

Amazingly, that there appears to be no actual plan to find alternatives to a strong & growing relationship with China as our major customer continues to beggar belief.

A succession of decisions has decimated our education sector and put at risk income that pumps billions into the economy. All we hear is a vague intention to target more Indian students. There is no recognition that Chinese students massively outspend Indian students and that the likelihood of sufficient numbers coming to fill the gap is negligible.

Time to dig out the recipe for humble pie. Quickly.

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