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The next owner of RCN ASIA

Could you be the next Cross Cultural Trade Leader of RCN ASIA?

Would you like to develop a platform, but can't afford the high cost of web and app development?

The RCN ASIA Platform, Engage Asia and assets that assist cross cultural education. community and trade are available for sale.

If interested, please reach out to founder Glyn MacLean via LinkedIn.

Why am I selling?

The global epidemic in cryptocurrency and cyber crime has led to another organisation that I run The Dark Night Online (a financial crime fighting community) becoming my full time focus. e.g. This weekend I am lecturing to India Cyber Police on the cyber forensic evidence processes that I have pioneered across over 150 cases since 2016. This doesn't leave much time for supporting trade with Asia.

Could you be next?

I will pass the mantle and assist a rebrand if needed.

If interested, reach out to me via LinkedIn.

Glyn MacLean


RCN Asia

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