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The New Comfort and Happiness

Updated: May 27, 2021

On Apr28, 2020, I posted: “舒” – Comfort, Happiness

Every day many influencers are calling that we need to stay out of our comfort zone. But, what on earth does this comfort zone mean? At least in my practice, I do not have a comfort zone. I have a feeling of 如履薄冰- treading as if on thin ice every day.

There are two things keeping coming into my eyes recently: 1. One Belt One Road; 2. Economic Containment. I have to dig deep to understand them. Fortunately, they bring me back to the above post posted 13 months ago with some insights on comfort and happiness.

From what had said: “舒” comfort, happiness = “舍” give up + “予” to give, I further learned what the Belt and Road Initiative, 一带一路, is in:

1️⃣ Give up hate, give up war.

2️⃣ To give cooperation, mutual learning, mutual benefits, and lead to win-win.

How brilliant! How comfortable and happy!

But what can I conduct from the Economic Containment? Dragging the world into discomfort and disasters?

Thank you for your reading, my friend. Please comment below.

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