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RCN Asia | THE ASIAN CENTURY - PREDICTIONS on the FUTURE of CHINA - if the best predictor for future performance is past behaviour, what kind of behaviour can be expected from China?

Advisors have sought to point to the opaque nature of Chinese leadership for Western lack of insight.

Encourage you to look to the historical and present nature of the Chinese people to seek understanding.

The underlying philosophy of filial piety.

In the picture we see Koteiken, one of The Twenty-four Cases of Filial Piety, depicted emptying a chamber pot for his mother. Utagawa Kuniyoshi, 1848.


From this we gain two insights.

The first is to learn the core philosophy by which every Chinese citizen lives.

The second is to understand that it is the philosophical belief system of a people that truly governs them. We find our guidance to live from IDEAS.

"Filial piety is an awareness of repaying the burden borne by one's parents. As such, filial piety is done to reciprocate the care one's parents have given. However, it is also practiced because of an obligation towards one's ancestors."

Quotes from Cong, Khan, Hsu and Ho.

It is not possible to understand the future of China, without first coming to understand the history.

Filial Piety?

If I were to sum up this philosophy from a Western perspective, I would use the word CARE, the disciplined application of love.


In my next post, I am going share meme cards from the speech of Xi Jinping that articulate the aspects of the 24 *parangongs of filial piety in the China approach to an era aptly called THE ASIAN CENTURY.


In no manner or form associated with CCP or any other Chinese person or entity. I simply lack the bias of prejudice, accepting that all cultures and people have equal right to belong. We must separate out the people from the politics and always uphold the dignity of people.



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*Parangongs are **Paragons of Virtue.

**Paragon means something or someone that is absolute best.

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