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Starting a business in Shenzhen


Shenzhen is my home 深圳是我的家

In Shenzhen, an average of 40,000 new startups are added every month, with an average of 1 out of every 10 people being an entrepreneur. Let's follow entrepreneur Lauren Penn today and experience what makes the city of Shenzhen so attractive to entrepreneurs! 在深圳,平均每个月新增4万家初创公司,平均每10个人中就有1个人是创业者。今天,让我们跟随企业家Lauren Penn一起来体验一下是什么让深圳对企业家如此有吸引力!深圳平均每个月新增4万家创业公司,平均每10人中就有1人是创业者。今天,让我们跟随企业家劳伦·佩恩一起来体验一下是什么让深圳对企业家如此有吸引力!

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