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Speak for Our Trust and Faith

Humans absorb material energy from food and nature. Our digestive system and circulation system transform and send this energy through our arteries to reach the whole body. As the “king” of all the human organs, the human heart not only physically bridges materialized body energy, but also invisibly transforms materialized body energy into perceptive spiritual #energy which is combined with human emotions, thoughts, and intelligence, in cooperation with the human brain.

This invisible energy expresses itself to the outside world through language. Very profoundly, human-人 plus language-语言, it is to form up a human’s sign and message to the outer world, it is to tell a human’s trust and faith from its inside to the out.

More profoundly, this human-人 + language-言 = 信-sign, message, trust, and #faith. This is how this very important Chinese character was created and working.

Furthermore, 信 typically means the letters we write and mail in old times, the letters we write and email in nowadays, the letters I am typing here in expressing myself, and the letters we send out through all kinds of media to the world.

So, be careful in using your letters and words when speaking. Faithfully your words reveal your true character from deep inside your #heart: if you are elegant, supportive, and trustworthy; or you are rude, critical, and argumentive, telling tales and lies.

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