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Shenzhen's migrant workers have something to say 深圳打工仔有话讲

How curious and imaginative are you about living in Shenzhen? 你对在深圳生活有怎样的好奇和想象呢?

White-collar elites walking hurriedly with coffee 端着咖啡步履匆匆的白领精英们

Crowded, comfortable and clean subway stations 人潮拥挤 舒适干净的地铁站

Heavy traffic, people coming and going 车水马龙 人来人往的车辆

Some lovely workers living in this bustling city have something to tell you. 生活在这座繁华喧嚣城市中一些可爱的打工人有些话想告诉你。

Hear them out, and there are a few questions I want you to ask yourselves. 听他们说完,有几个问题我希望你们自己可以问一下自己。

1: What are you satisfied or dissatisfied with your present job? 你对你现在的工作满意与不满意的地方有哪些?

2: Are you still passionate about your current job? 你对你现在的工作还有激情吗?

3: Are you happy when you get up and go to work every day? 你每天起床去工作的时候是开心的吗?

4: Will you firmly choose what you like when you change jobs? 再换工作的时候你会坚定地选择自己喜欢的吗?

5: Is there a job you would regret not doing now? 有没有一项工作是你现在如果不去做以后你会后悔的?

Leave your thoughts in the comments! 可以在评论区留下你们的想法哦!

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