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Receiving Chinese Payments in New Zealand

I am always so excited in the moment that Red Circle Network 红圈网 receives a notification that we have successfully connected Chinese #WeChatPay, #Alipay and other Wallets direct into our clients Western bank accounts.

We love prospering our clients! :)  

I would like to thank the team at LatiPay and especially Xiaomeng(Simon) Wang, who conscientiously supports our clients to set up a Merchant account for a cost efficient China #paymentgateway

Importantly, the back end % of transaction fee basis makes Latipay payments immediately accessible to every New Zealand business. 100% of businesses who use #wordpress should ask us how to do this. 

While #Latipay performs a crucial role in the #China Payments process, RCN project manages a much more complex and detailed end-to-end solution. 

More specifically, we are typically connecting #wordpresswebsite via #woocommerce with #ChinesePayments adding #translation with customer journey mapping and customer engagement looping in #WeChat community development and #Grata customer service and #AlibabaCloud #integration

Book a free Value Discovery meeting and lets talk about how we help your business get paid by China! 

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