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Re-creating ourselves.

We may each look back on the Covid-19 period as a time during which our lives and our plans were disrupted. Yet repeatedly, humanity has proven resilience. I would like to share a moment of celebrating Simon Young, a key person in RCN Asia and to encourage us to connect as people, to honour and support each other as we head into 2022. We can each use the forthcoming Western and Eastern holiday period to re-create our human connection.

If we have gained anything from the Covid pandemic, we hope to have become more sensitive, more empathetic, and more humane, in our understanding that we should always put the dignity of people first.

Suggesting that we demonstrate who we really are by the way that we treat each other's, through our compassion and understanding, applying empathy in the most practical ways.

As a founder, I put people before profit and take a long-term approach to walking the life path loyally, at a pace which will enable the whole family to make the journey together.

This approach confounds people, who don't understand that virtue and ethics are not something that you can purchase with money. There is a more significant equity to be gained from the genuine nature of loving others, as we love ourselves.

For five years, Simon Young has worked tirelessly in support of cultural diversity and inclusion, a champion of multiculturalism, who lives his inclusive values daily, with authenticity.

Yet all leaders need to refresh, re-create, and centre themselves on what really matters; marriage, family, and the fact that if we don't invest time with our loved ones, we are missing all that really matters.

That we become love.

Glyn MacLean | FOUNDER - RCN Asia

Many will have ailing relatives who you could not visit during Covid quarantines. Simon has been unable to spend time with his mother, who is slowly fading due to dementia. We cannot regain time lost with our loved ones.

I invite the RCN Asia community to join me in celebrating our humanity together, showing each other that we are a compassionate people.

We can do this by sending a note in support of Simon as I give him two months paid annual leave to invest in time with his family. To come back together over the holiday season and to reform the connections in familial love and support that forms the basis of our best humanity.

I will be available to assist any time sensitive enquiries during Simon's absence. Asking that our community please support Simon and his family by not interrupting his annual and his precious time with family.

We also invite you to join in celebrating the great news that Simon will be back in the second week of January 2022, fully charged and ready to bring empathy, compassion, and integrity into the cross-cultural relations space.

We have amazing plans for 2022. Stay tuned in to my profile.

With this message, I hope to inspire other business leaders to show empathy, compassion, and kindness to your people. Hope that you will create an opportunity for people to come into their dignity. If you are already doing this, I would love to share your story to inspire even more people to rehumanise the way that we engage each other.

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