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New Zealand smarter than Australia when it comes to China

Ouch. The Kiwis are being smarter than Australia! They are smart enough to resist China bashing at the behest of the US when it would be damaging to NZ interests - and - as this article concludes this is:

"a hopeful sign that some in the West are slowly realising the tidal change taking place geopolitically and that the rise of China is an opportunity rather than a threat".

Carpe Diem. Seize the day. As we spend time with our family and loved ones this Christmas season let's reflect on how best to seize the opportunity and protect rather than destroy our children's future! Let us embrace harmony not division, hope not fear, truth not propaganda.

God bless you all and your loved ones whatever your ethnicity and politics. COVID-19 has reminded us that we are all one blood and that protecting those we love is most important. One World.

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