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Linkedin is Leaving China.

Within weeks to months, entrepreneurs and educators could find themselves LINKEDOUT of their China Linkedin connections.

Don't believe me?

Search Google for Linkedin leaving China or click here.

Don't worry, I saw this coming, and I have you covered!

While parts of Linkedin will remain in China, this new incarnation will be a JOBS AGENCY.

The Social and Business Networking side of Linkedin is leaving China.

The official policy of New Zealand (as with most countries) is to STAY ENGAGED.

During 2021 the team at RCN Asia resolved to help you STAY ENGAGED by developing ASIA ENAGE. I now invite you, along with all your connections to sign up for free.


ASIA ENGAGE | ONLINE is web based today, we will let you know when the ASIA ENGAGE | APP will be available on iOS and Android early in 2022 to replace LinkedIn for your Asia networking.

We suggest starting to make moves now, so that by the Chinese New Year, you are connected through both WeChat and Asia Engage.

We apologise to Huawei users.

We love you too, but don't have enough funding to develop ASIA ENGAGE APP for you yet. As the community prospers, we will invest in you too.

You're welcome.

Glyn MacLean


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