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Lest We Forget

April 25 is ANZAC Day, a day steeped in emotion

for Australians and New Zealanders.


PHOTO CREDIT: AAP | Driveways at Dawn | Stand with us at 5:30am Sunday, 25th April.

See end of post for how you can take part in ANZAC Day commemorations.

ANZAC day commemorates the ill-fated battle of Gallipoli, where Australian and New Zealand troops sacrificed their lives by the thousands in an ultimately unsuccessful attempt to invade Turkey. The battle began on April 25th, 1915 and continued for eight bloody months.

While each country has its own national day, ANZAC Day commemorates a beginning of a uniquely Australasian identity. Before that, we were outposts of the British Empire.

On ANZAC Day, we began to find our own identities.

Since World War I, ANZAC Day has commemorated all Australian and New Zealand soldiers in all conflicts. Today, Red Circle Network honours those lost, and their sacrifice.

What were they fighting for?

When we think about sacrifice, we often say in very broad terms that these soldiers were fighting for freedom, against tyranny, and protecting our way of life.

What do the soldiers themselves say? I can't speak for soldiers, but Red Circle Network Founder Glyn MacLean can share a lot from his experience working with the Royal New Zealand Returned Services Association (RSA).

Glyn led a digital marketing campaign to help the RSA to raise awareness to a younger digital generation who had not experienced war. His 2006 music track ANZAC TRIBUTE, composed was embraced by New Zealand media, featured on national TV and radio, and used in ANZAC Day dawn services. It also became the number one downloaded music track (before the advent of iTunes) in New Zealand. Glyn even performed the track live in concert. Glyn gifted the music to the RSA to promote ANZAC services.

The RSA's Manager of National Programmes and Public Relations at the time, Dr Stephen Clarke, said about the song, and about Glyn:

"I have known Mr MacLean since 2007 when I was working at the Royal New Zealand RSA as Manager of National Programmes and Public Relations and later as Chief Executive. Mr MacLean composed the song "Anzac Tribute' which he donated to the RSA and it was utilised to help raise awareness for the 2007 Poppy Appeal and Anzac Day with younger digital generations. It was the RSA's first foray into the digital download landscape, now a common part of RSA campaigns, and we were indebted to Mr MacLean's voluntary assistance throughout this successful campaign. 'Anzac Tribute' became a number one digital download and also received television and print media coverage to extend the modern profile of the RSA into the mainstream."

While working with the RSA, Glyn discovered the biggest reason returned servicemen wanted a new generation to remember past sacrifice - to prevent future wars.

Glyn is making ANZAC TRIBUTE used in the video available for unlimited, non-commercial, free use for anyone.


Stream Glyn's track ANZAC TRIBUTE on Apple Music or Spotify.

Or download ANZAC TRIBUTE below. Edit as needed for your own ANZAC memorial. Free for non-commercial use.

Anzac Tribute - Full version
Download MP3 • 9.99MB

Why do we remember?

We remember the sacrifice, not so we can repeat it; we remember so we can avert future wars.

Right now, there is a warlike atmosphere in international affairs. Respect and diplomacy are being shelved in favour of nationalism and national security.

The collateral damage is to our Asian communities, who, in the name of "national security" are facing discrimination based on the colour their skin, their accent, or their name. Forgetting the many Chinese people who served under Australian and New Zealand flags, not to mention those in China who fought on the same side as us in both world wars.

We believe this is not the future that those soldiers fought for.

We need to take a moment of silence, and listen to the voices of those we remember. What are they saying?
I believe they are saying to us, "Never again."

"Please don't plunge our world into another global conflict. We fought and died 'to end all wars'. Don't make our sacrifice for nothing."

As proud Kiwis and Aussies, we at Red Circle Network are proud of our countries.

And we urge our leaders, Make Trade, Not War.


How To Remember Them

PHOTO CREDIT: Matrixnews | Driveways at Dawn | 5:30am Sunday, 25th April.

Australia / NZ

Every RSA in New Zealand and RSL outside of Western Australia will be having memorial services.

Western Australia

We are thinking of our cousins in Western Australia who are experiencing a snap lockdown due to COVID-19 resurgence. The Western Australia RSL is providing an audio track so you can "light up the dawn" in remembrance.


At Home

Please feel free to download and remix ANZAC TRIBUTE for your own ANZAC Commemorations.

Anzac Tribute - Full version
Download MP3 • 9.99MB

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Red Circle Network

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