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It's time for a change of approach for Australia

At what point does the goodwill from the Federal Government's strong management of COVID-19 fail to protect it from growing voter anger at its atrocious, unending incompetence in managing Australia's relationship with our major customer?

At what point does the cost to Australian jobs become so severe from our incessant baiting of China that the Australian opposition in Canberra wakes from its slumber and overcomes its fear of criticising Australia's subservience to a US agenda. A policy that is so obviously badly damaging to Australia's national interests and which is reversing decades of hard work by Australian business? Albo stand up to Rupert now!

This article asks the right question but ignores the cause of the problem, ignores why Australia is being singled out when other countries who stand up to China like Japan are not because they have a diplomatic strategy run by diplomats rather than by security agencies.

It is time for the Australian Govt to send clear messages to Beijing - starting with removing the strident voices of anti-China Twitter trolls and Falung Gong members from its payroll on bodies like ACRI and ASPI.

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