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It is time for the colour and gender of leadership to change at RCN Asia and Asia Engage.

There are too many white faces in the leadership organisations that represent our cross-cultural activities. Is that racist? I think so.

Leaders often give lip service to the ideals of democracy and human rights, without ever genuinely upholding them.

I am in the process of disrupting and changing this in my own organisation, disrupting my own business and prioritising diversity.

If you are a woman (or other gender), a non-white person or just a person who feels like middle aged white men have been a barrier and frustration to you,


...if you have something to say that relates to ENGAGING ASIA in 2022, then I have a invitation for you.

I am going to leverage the power of my organisation to help you.

I am about to launch ASIA ENGAGE APP in 2022 and currently onboarding ADVISORS and THOUGHT LEADERS to become CROSS CULTURAL INFLUENCERS. Regional and territorial partners, who can benefit from five years of innovating Asia market engagement.

I want to change the colour and gender of the face of ASIA ADVISORY. I am prepared to step out of your way to serve and to support you.

I will assist you to productise and monetise through my platform, sharing my advanced media, digital and channel skills and helping you to use leveraged technology to assist the rise of your voice.

Also seeking advertisers and sponsors and would like to assist those who would like to see a positive political change in our attitudes to a more friendly, diverse, and inclusive world.

If this interests you, sign up free at and let's get to work onboarding you over December and January to rise in 2022.

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