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Is Australia Brave Enough to be the Light?

Today we saw a glimpse into the battle between

light and darkness for the soul of Australia.

Today is a day of hope, perhaps best captured by the closing words of American poet Amanda Gorman at President Biden's inauguration:

"There is new light.

If only we're brave enough to see it,

If only we're brave enough to be it".

The West Australian captured this hope

with its feature

"China relations could be on the mend".

(See the graphics below for article headlines)

This article quotes positive messages encouraging a

"change of tone"

from ACBC WA President James Clarke.

Well done James.

James is an all-too-rare Australian;

excellent in business; culturally aware

and fluent in both mandarin and English.

The type of leader that brings hope and that

embodies all that is good about multicultural Australia.

(The original articles are behind a paywall. We apologise for not sharing them.)

On the same day we had the anti-China rhetoric of "The unAustralian" raging against hope and the demise of Trump's agenda of division.

Promoting conflict not harmony.

And, as usual, without integrity.

Trying to pump up an absurd proposition that it is controlled by the CCP.

This kind of despicable attack is totally contrary to the true values of Australia.

It is time for Australian business leaders to speak out against these evil forces of darkness.

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