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In Plain Sight: Australian media's anti-China bias

Seriously - is there no end to the stream of ideologically driven, fact resistant media stories trying to make China and Chinese people appear sinister and evil? This one is particularly rich in innuendo.

Why should Chinese and Chinese Australians have to tolerate this offensive guilty until proved innocent double standard pushed by right wing media and Senator Eric Abetz?

This piece does however confirm my view that any journalists repeatedly quoting ASPI without having the integrity to disclose that it is funded by the US defence industry has no interest in truth.

Presumably we will get less non fact based slurs and innuendo from the White House after 20 January - but the level of US interference in Australian politics and media looks destined to be harder to overcome than Covid-19. Kevin Rudd's petition for an investigation into Murdoch control of Australian media has benn submitted with 500,000+ signatures - but watch it get ignored!! Democracy?

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