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How to subscribe (and contribute) to the RCN Asia LinkedIn Newsletter WeChat Weekly 8 Asia Stories.

WeChat Weekly 8 Asia Stories from the people who help people to engage Asia will resume on FRIDAY 29th APRIL. The real story about Asia from the people who know.

WeChat Weekly - 8 Asia Stories.


Your FREE SUBSCRIPTION gives you access to the weekly curation of the Asia Advisory articles we think best reflect genuine, poignant activities across Greater Asia.

RCN Asia Advisors often live in the regions they are writing about and have genuine local knowledge. They will be sharing poignant advice to assist your current and future decisions around engaging Asia.

You will be able to connect directly with them from the articles. You can also check an advisor's capabilities by reviewing their advisory profile on Your basic level of free membership helps you to find the right professional services provider, based on fact checked and validated merit.

How to Contribute to the 8 Asia Stories.


  1. Join RCN Asia (Free during Beta)

  2. Update your profile (Free during Beta)

  3. Make an appointment to discuss your content

  4. Membership is upgraded (Free during Beta)

  5. Profile questionnaire is checked via interview

  6. A community space is created for you (Free during Beta)

  7. Access to blog may be provided (Free during Beta)

  8. Post your content remotely, live for review and editing

  9. Articles are edited for professionalism by RCN Asia

  10. Each week the Top 8 articles are shared across all media

The Publishing Process

MONDAY Write your article draft. TUESDAY Check back over your article to perfect it. WEDNESDAY DEADLINE: Articles submitted as either Community or Blog Post on RCN Asia. THURSDAY Articles are reviewed by RCN Asia. Top 8 articles are selected and recreated by RCN Asia in all RCN Asia channels, including cross links back to the author/advisor.


RCN Asia Weekly WeChat - 8 Asia Stories are posted across all media.

Who's the editor?


A hands-on founder, I hold myself personally accountable for the quality of all communication. I pledge to uphold a high standard of community experience. You will have direct access to me so that you can hold me accountable to that great community experience. Our state-of-the-art systems gives us REAL TIME support, WORLDWIDE. Whether you are a READER or a CONTRIBUTOR you will also receive free access to the RCN ASIA - ASIA ENGAGE PLATFORM, where you can find all the services you need for your trade journey to ENGAGE ASIA.

We have dozens of services available to book on the website and in the community to get your started. And for more advanced partners and clients, we have a fantastic partner, ngo, corporate, government and agency experience.

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