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How to put Australia first!

Updated: Dec 3, 2020

Duncan Calder, Contour Capital

AUSTRALIA FIRST!! Can our Federal Government take the most obvious step to repairing relations with China, the most obvious step to boosting our beleaguered education sector?

Will they listen to the experts such as epidemiologist Professor Tony Blakely from the University of Melbourne?

"We need to seriously consider taking in international students again — who after all come from very low-risk countries most of the time, for example, China, Taiwan, Singapore, South Korea" - Prof. Blakely.

To date, when our Government has talked about a future limited reopening of our borders - we have rightly heard mention of Japan, Korea and Singapore. But the blatant reluctance to include China illustrates the inability of our Federal Government to acknowledge China's efficient management and low results - 3 deaths per million - less than Australia, NZ, Japan, Singapore, Korea.

Our success so far managing COVID-19 is due to respect for science and the strength of our State Premiers. We must make science based decisions as we look to rebuild our shattered economy.

Perhaps without President Trump in the White House Canberra will act independently?

Original post on LinkedIn.

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