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How Scott Morrison could do WeChat better

Australia-China relationship / my company Red Circle Network 红圈网 is a leading agency in China communications.

We were the agency chosen by Saatchi and Saatchi, Starcom and NZ Electoral Commission to teach Chinese New Zealanders to trust and use the electoral voting process.

We are independently auditing Scott Morrison WeChat Official Account format for the approach to messaging.

There is a lack of understanding about how to leverage the WeChat platform for connection.

Lack of use of QR code’s, which due to the technology, become actionable quick links to external resources.

Static, poorly framed pictures that focus on events, but not relationships.

If we don’t establish trust, nothing said is going to be relevant.

60 second video would easily establish rapport by showing people with people forming relationship.

The font size is ok, but the new standard in WeChat communication is to develop text in graphic design software like Canva, then place graphics that improve readability with good font size for mobile.

With a WeChat official account you can do four pushes per month, each with eight articles.

This is not being well used.

The lead article may be formal, with up to seven stories to reinforce and establish engagement.

A missed opportunity.

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