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Home for Christmas

Updated: Nov 23, 2020

Our Children. Better Health. Brighter Futures.

It's been a tough year for most people during COVID19 and as we head into the Christmas season, let's make sure that we protect our future by making sure that all of our children are receiving the care and attention they need.

Red Circle Network (introducing Starship to the Chinese community in WeChat) invites you to come into an awareness of the Starship Foundation, one of New Zealand's most beloved organisations, which is serving Our Children, Better Health and Brighter Futures.


The best gift of all is to be home for Christmas.

Supporting the Starship Foundation with a donation this Christmas will gift brighter futures for all of New Zealand's children. Watch this short 1-minute video, which will bring you into a sense of just how impactful your support could help a child be home for Christmas.


Christmas is about the priceless little moments: Laughter, sharing, and fun in the sun with family. We can take the little moments for granted, but for many Starship families, those moments are more precious than any present.

“Around 180 children will spend Christmas in Starship this year, including around 50 fragile little New Zealanders in Starship’s Paediatric and Newborn Intensive Care Units. After everything 2020 has already thrown at us, that’s a tough place to be,” says Aisha Daji Punga, Chief Executive of the Starship Foundation.


“We’re encouraging people to give the gift of compassion this Christmas in the spirit of kindness and community. If most Starship families had a Christmas wish, it would be to have their child home for Christmas with better health.”

Translation: By donating at, you’re giving them the chance for more happy Christmases to come.

Translation: The Dixon family from Hamilton, who are one of many throughout New Zealand who know just how precious it is to be preparing for the festive season at home this year, have shared their story in this video. Their youngest child Poppy spent 237 days in Starship’s Paediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU) including Christmas Day 2017.

Mum Estelle Dixon explains - “She stopped feeding at around ten weeks, and we thought ‘this is not right’. The nurse looked at her and asked; ‘is she usually that grey?’ They airlifted us to Starship the next day. They basically told us that her heart is not doing what it’s supposed to, and you’re here for a long haul.”

Translation: “To be at home this Christmas means that our family gets to celebrate together in a way that we couldn’t early on,” says Estelle.

Translation: Dad Nathan adds; “What I’m looking forward to most is just seeing them be happy again and seeing them play together. The family is whole, we’re all happy and it’s awesome.”

The Starship Foundation invests in initiatives that save and extend lives with better outcomes, and make the tough times more bearable for children and whānau from across New Zealand. And by investing in prevention programmes we help keep children out of hospital.

Translation: The ‘Home for Christmas’ campaign helps supporters understand how their gift of compassion can make a real difference for Starship children;

Translation: Instead of funky socks, $20 could purchase a special comfort toy for a Starship child going through a difficult time.

Translation: Rather than buying an inflatable pool toy, your $50 gift could help purchase special eye-testing cards, so Starship staff can identify babies and young children with visual impairments at an early stage.

Translation: Instead of buying a deluxe BBQ toolset, a $100 gift could help keep the Starship National Air Ambulance in the air, helping all children in New Zealand access specialist emergency care at Starship.

Translation: Rather than the latest random gadget, $200 could go towards expanding NZ’s only Paediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU), providing life-saving care for our most critically ill children.

Translation: Donate at to give Starship families the hope of many happy Christmases to come.

Translation: Our Children. Better Health. Brighter Futures.

WeChat Invitation

I would like invite you to follow the work we're doing with the Starship Foundation, as we share the impact of their work. We take a look inside Starship, meeting their people and will share stories from New Zealand Chinese families. If you have WeChat, please scan this QR code and follow the the Starship Foundation WeChat Official Account.

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