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Holding the media to account

Being targeted by media through lies and unethical, misleading headlines can cause enormous pain to the target and his/her family. It takes courage and deep pockets to hold to account media empires that abuse their power and have no interest in the truth - just a blind focus on sensationalism and propaganda that fits their perverse editorial agenda.

Kudos and respect to Chinese Australian and prominent philanthropist Mr Chau for his strength of character in fighting and winning this case against a reckless ABC for its Four Corners episode based on a joint investigation with Fairfax (now Nine Entertainment).

An ABC and Nine Entertainment that each sadly continue to promote baseless racist propaganda and messages of division from the likes of ASPI.

On the heels of the report yesterday that exposed the institutionalised racism at Collingwood Football Club over decades and up to the present day, we need to ask ourselves - How can Australia beat systemic racism and when are we going to face up to some unpleasant home truths?

Chairperson, Red Circle Network

Asia Culture & Commerce Advisory Board

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