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Game changer for Asian sports.

Indisputably a game changer for Asian sports. Japan’s Rugby World Cup win against Ireland is great news for Asian sports teams.

The importance of beating a world leading sports team demonstrates that Asian teams can not only be competitive, they can dominate.

Sports transcends politics, uniting people from all cultures in both personal and cooperative improvement.

As managers of NZ All Blacks Weibo account since 2013, Red Circle Network 红圈网 we are especially excited for what this could mean for Chinese rugby.

We praise the Japanese team and all those who have collaborated towards this amazing achievement.

With special recognition to the multicultural inclusive work of New Zealand Rugby Union and the NZ All Blacks.


对于亚洲体育队​​来说,日本在橄榄球世界杯上战胜爱尔兰的比赛是个好消息。 击败一支世界领先的运动队的重要性表明,亚洲队不仅可以竞争,而且可以称霸。 体育超越了政治,体现了来自所有文化的人们的个体和合作精神。 自2013年以来,我们一直担任NZ All Blacks Weibo帐户的经理。 我们亲眼看到了中国橄榄球队和支持良好比赛的球迷们的热情和进步。 我们赞扬日本团队以及为实现这一惊人成就而共同努力的每个人。 特别感谢新西兰橄榄球联盟和NZ All Blacks的多元文化包容性工作。 #足球#rugbyworldcup#rugbyunion#足球#日本#爱尔兰#爱尔兰

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