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Friendship healing WA after bushfires

Chinese companies in WA helping out. Building bridges.

Making a real difference on the frontlines.

Do you like good news stories? I love them!

True friendship always comes to the fore during the tough times. Times like the heartbreaking WA bushfires this summer that have caused such damage, not just to property, but to families and their animals.

Wanting to be a good corporate citizen, David Sun, President of the Perth branch of the China Chamber of Commerce in Australia reached out to his friend, ACFSWA Board member, Glenn Dewhurst asking how he and his colleagues could make an immediate difference to those affected.

The outcome was donations from CCCA to:

1. Midlas

Midlas is a local, nimble organisation that was first on the ground helping families to find accommodation and food. It helped out before the big charities were able to kick into action.

Our WA Bushfire Volunteers are legends - putting their lives at risk to save ours - so it is great that these funds have already been used to help a local WA firefighter who’s own property was damaged in the bushfires as well as helping our firies and their families with invaluable mental health support.

Glenn formed Wildlife Australia in 2005 as an NFP to support animals during times of crisis, Just like these bushfires. It has done some amazing work rebuilding the WA Black Cockatoo population and these funds donated by CCCA are being used to provide food for WA animals whose habitat was burnt and to rebuild essential damaged fencing to conserve and protect.

Glenn, who is also active with the Australasian Business Centre, is pictured here presenting David with a photo of a black cockatoo as a thank you!

“Friendship First, Business Second”

Duncan Calder

Chairperson, Advisory Board

Asia Culture & Commerce

Red Circle Network.


Australia China Friendship Society

Western Australia

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