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Exploring Shenzhen's fashion 探索深圳的时尚

Shenzhen is my home 深圳是我的家

In Shenzhen, you can see modern streets everywhere, crossover ideas, cutting-edge technologies in daily life... Let us always feel the spread of the city's fashion breath; High quality, multiple fashion trend design, has been the city citizens to build a common element of life tone. 在深圳,随处可见的摩登街区、跨界的创意、深入生活的前沿科技……让我们时刻感受到漫布全城的时尚气息;高品质、多元的时尚潮流设计,已是这座城市市民营造生活腔调的普遍元素。

Keisha, a girl from Norway, has been living in Shenzhen for 12 years. In her opinion, Shenzhen is a modern and fashionable city, "Shenzhen is my home." Today, together with Kesha, let's "clock in" fashion Shenzhen! 来自挪威的女孩凯莎,已在深圳生活了12年。在她看来,深圳是一座摩登时尚的城市,“Shenzhen is my home.(深圳是我的家)”今天,就和凯莎一起,“打卡”时尚深圳吧!

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