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Do you want to be on the right side of history?

Do you want to be on the right side of history? Do you want your grandchildren to look back on your life and see a person of conviction of whom they can be proud?

It is easy to be silent in the face of waves of deceptive propaganda. The anti-China lobby is becoming very nasty. Lacking facts of substance to support their divisive agenda they resort to name-calling. The tactics of schoolyard bullies.

They try to sell the lie that anyone who promotes rational win-win models of friendship and trade must be under the control of the Chinese Communist Party. What utter bullsh*t.

History will illuminate their lies. History will show we have been outmanoeuvred by our ‘friends’ in Washington to their gain and to our pain. Just as history illuminates the tarnished legacies of those who were silent under the reign of McCarthy / Hoover in the US.

THE AUSTRALIAN BUSINESS COMMUNITY IS NOT DOING ENOUGH to protect Australia, to protect Australian jobs, to protect our children’s future. All of you know Chinese people, many of you have visited China. Many of you know that most of the anti-China propaganda is rubbish and against Australia’s national interest. Most of you know that China is an opportunity, not a threat. A GIFT HORSE.

Let’s be on the right side of history.

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