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Cultural Intelligence | Australia-China

Glyn MacLean, MD, Red Circle Network

Harvard once conducted an important test on graduates.

Among equivalent skilled graduates, they wanted to know:

Who is more successful and why?

Harvard found that graduates who had high EQ/EI are 90% more successful at moving up the career ladder due to a capacity for developing internal organisational and external stakeholder relationship success. Intra and Inter personnel skills. People skills.

It is clear to a highly trained manager, that Canberra has a number of personnel who publicly exhibit low EQ/EI. Canberra may from time to time employ staff who do not possess the inherent empathy, the skills to discern or the coherent capacity to determine the priorities for successful internal and external relationships.

This is obvious to us all.

We are seeing the fruit of this in the manner which Australian leadership in Canberra has managed to singularly isolate and marginalise itself into an adversarial relationship with China. A failure that has now decimated Australian trade and impacts businesses and families nationwide across Australia. Impacts which reach far into the future.

This begs a question.

Why do we allow people to enter parliament without a sufficient capacity to self moderate their behaviour and operate in a manner which ensures the stability of relationship?

That answer is also obvious.

The leaders we choose mirror ourselves as a collective country. Leaders who then choose who they can get along with. Like chooses like. We choose people who we feel represent us. Yet this is not representative of the multiculturally inclusive Australia that we all know and love. This is not any part of the virtue of love our neighbour as ourselves.

There is a cognitive dissonance between cause and consequence.

Beyond EI/EQ?

CI/CQ Cultural Intelligence.

Culturally unskilled people routinely occupy positions of authority over our most strategic relationships. And are behaving in a manner which is causing conflict and alienation, with far reaching adversarial impacts on the quality of life for all Australians.

If these Australian representatives are unable to discern causative effects of Australian behaviour on critically important foreign trade relationships, they either need to be taught to be culturally intelligent or they need to be replaced.

Either way, education of those who take the lead in representing any organisation, must improve their capacity for cultural intelligence.


Australia demands China explain why it has been singled out on trade restrictions


Glyn MacLean | 麦格荣 - Managing Director, Red Circle Network and creator of the Red Circle Talks Podcast on China Culture and Commerce.


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