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Cuddle a panda?

When times are tough, it is time to focus on the basics. Time to keep it simple. And simple starts with friendship. Simple starts with authenticity. Simple starts with spending time with one another.

It can be tempting to feel powerless in the face of the tidal wave of anti China rhetoric from the Murdoch media and the dark agendas of division that so many are seeking to promote.

But we are not powerless. Each of us has great power. Power that we exercise through our choices. As for me and my family we choose the path of unity, the path of warmth, the path of friendship. This path has rewarded me with many beautiful, loyal, loving friends whom I cherish.

Which path will you and your loved ones choose? Choose wisely - unity or division, enmity or friendship, communication or suppression, fear or hope.

I encourage you to embrace lightness not darkness and to support organisations like the Australia China Friendship Society that have a positive agenda of building bridges across chasms through the beauty of friendship.


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