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CIEP——A window of the window

Shenzhen, a coastal and modern city in southern China, 30-min high-speed railway train ride from Guangzhou, 10-min taxi driving from Hongkong checkpoint, is the most successful special economic zone in China. It is called the window of China’s reform and opening-up policy.

Different from Beijing and Shanghai, Shenzhen is a new, energetic and international city with a merely 40-year history. It is also a young and multicultural city with immigrants from all around China and other countries.

As an impressive business card of China, Shenzhen reflects the future development of China’s economy. Famous for innovation ability in China, Shenzhen is always the pioneer and applier of the new economic reform policy. If a policy is successfully run in Shenzhen, it will probably be promoted and applied (with certain adaption) in other cities around China.

According to the current report from China Comprehensive Development Research Institute (CCDRI), in the next five years, Shenzhen's GDP growth is expected to reach 6.5 percent, with per capita GDP reaching US $35,000 by 2025, higher than the median of high-income economies. During this period, the growth rate of the new (Intelligent) economy is expected to remain at 9%, accounting for 50% of GDP and creating nearly 5 million jobs. In the next 40 years, the consumption dividend and technology dividend will be more prominent. Driven by new technologies and new consumption, Shenzhen’s economy will usher in a new round of rapid growth and the industrial structure will be further improved.

To reach that goal in the future, Shenzhen will pay more attention to the sources of innovation, including fintech, industry-financed integration, and cross-border financial innovation, and highlight the new form of consumption (Digital currency) by import international innovation factors. Therefore, the Conference on International Exchange of Professionals (CIEP) is promoted. With the purpose of facilitating domestic and global talent exchange, CIEP is joining China’s effort to cultivate talents in the sci-tech innovation field, with the newly launched sector on science and technology popularization.

The establishment of CIEP can be traced back to 2002, and it is a job fair in nature that has less significance until last year. Due to the epidemic situation, CIEP found its right position and innovatively transformed its strategy, holding the biggest online job fair in China, targeting Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Chengdu, etc., which made the brand outstanding abruptly and a lot of fame.

2020 is a milestone for CIEP. More than 35,000 foreign experts and students had been attracted to past CIEPs. Coming from more than 40 countries across the world, they are attracted by the potentials of China as presented by the conference.

Focusing on offline venues, this upcoming 19th CIEP will integrate online and offline platforms for a more connected and boundaries exchanging experience for all parties. Exhibitions, forums, and summits recruiting events, project matching opportunities, virtual meetings, and other themed activities build this year’s CIEP a comprehensive platform for communicating, cooperating, and trading on the global level.

The theme of CIEP 2021 is “Innovation, development, cooperation & win-win”, it has recruited exhibitors (Companies) coming from the sector of Smart medical care, smart home, smart 3D, smart office, big data +AI technology, smart electronics, scientific and cultural creativity, intelligent robot, biotechnology and so on. Internet services, cultural and creative industries, and other industries are welcome as well.

For global talents, CIEP is furthering its role as a window bridging them and opportunities in China. Through CIEP, overseas talents find their future in China, a place for them to advance in their lives and careers. They also bring to China innovative thoughts and ideas, thus facilitate the development of industries and fields in China and around the world. This year, CIEP is stepping up efforts of making sure the foreign experts find the best fit in China and integrate well into the society.

“SHENZHEN・NEXT” is a brand-new special zone that is added this year to provide foreigners comprehensive services for foreign talents, including life services, innovation, and entrepreneurship, policy consulting.

At the conference, CIEP provides an interactive platform for business representatives to show themselves and attract advanced talents and active cooperation from universities.

Besides having over 100 outstanding and top-tier Chinese companies in artificial intelligence, Internet, big data, and other fields, to participate, CIEP also arranges an area for “China – Israel”, “China – Switzerland”, “China – Austria”, “China-Japan”, “China – Italy”, “China – Britain” associations and institutes to provide resources and platforms for docking and cooperation. Furthermore, CIEP is helping with exhibiting and promoting international cooperative projects.

Why CIEP will be your next opportunity?

It’s primarily because CIEP is gaining large support from the local government. Regardless of its strategic significance in the economy, CIEP is not only an important and local brand in Shenzhen but a future model in China.

Secondly, being zero in cultural deposits, Shenzhen generates its unique city culture of boldness and innovativeness. The local government is always decisive, assertive, courageous than other local governments. Shenzhen dares to invest tons of money to strongly promote local projects, which guarantees that CIEP is prospective and has a bright future.

With Shenzhen dubbed by many as a “window” of China’s reform and opening-up, CIEP is also developing into a window of the rich opportunities that China offers to businesses and individuals worldwide. As one of the officers, Mr. Song, from CIEP mentioned, Shenzhen is heading to craft CIEP to be a new window of China’s friendly and inclusive business environment.

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