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China: Australia "envious" of NZ

New Zealand and Singapore are the two countries that could actually help Australia to reverse the suicidal trajectory of our relationship with our major customer China.

I hope we are not too proud to accept this support. It would be a step in the right direction.

Other possible helpful input can come from:

  1. Altruistic bilateral organisations that are non-partisan and with deep credibility across the borders for 70 years like the Australia China Friendship Society

  2. State Premiers who have respectful and warm relations with China, eg Premier Mark McGowan

  3. Past politicians - Keating and Richard Court top of the pile followed by Julie Bishop and Bob Carr and then past PMs Howard and Rudd

  4. Past Ambassador Geoff Raby

  5. Prominent Australians like Andrew Forrest and talented Australian business experts with decades on the ground in China like Paul Glasson and Peter Arkell and Stuart Crockett, GAICD.

Our relationship with China is a mess, we have suffered some losses that are irreversible but the core relationship between Chinese and Australian people has deep roots and can flourish again with a fresh approach and tone.

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