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Can we avert a war between the US and China?

This North American analysis is thought provoking. It argues that the US propaganda machine that created the fake intelligence to deceive other countries to Invade Iraq is in full swing again and pointed at flooding the world with fake stories about China. Australia with our eyes closed is following the US security agencies' playbook.

We need to open our eyes and apply a bullshit filter to the lies being pushed on us.

No one in Canberra seems to possess the integrity or courage to respond to the petition from ex PM Rudd (with its hundreds of thousands of signatures) for a Royal Commission into foreign interference in our media by Rupert Murdoch.

We choose now to re-engage in military exercises with the US India & Japan on China's doorstep. We keep prodding the panda. The economic consequences for Australian workers will worsen as Canberra has no plans to replace lost trade with China.

These are increasingly dark days when people of integrity and courage need to allow their light to shine as darkness continues to descend.

Let's call on our common sense and our own personal experiences in dealing with Chinese people rather than relying on fake propaganda from mainstream media.

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