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一字识天下:BOYCOTT the Shortage on the Heartland

Updated: May 25, 2021

This is an interesting Chinese character: 荒 – shortage, barren, uncultivated, wasteland.

荒 originally meant the land is overgrown with weeds due to no one to cultivate or manage it after a flood. Now, its meaning shaped a little bit to stand for the barren lands. With 艹grass + 亡 death + 川rivers, pictographically, it guides us to draw a picture in our mind: When a land lacks water underground and lacks grass growing above-ground, the land is left with death only.

From this basic word 荒, we get some derivative Chinese characters:

谎: Lie. 谎 lie = 言 language + 荒

It is so funny that when 荒 is combined with human words, it simply means human words are uncultivated, and such words are just like a wasteland with no water supply and no grass-grown, with no life, but only with death in the words.

慌:Nervous; panic. 慌 = 心 heart + 荒

It is even funnier when 荒 is combined with the human heart, it indicates that when the human heart has become in shortage of life, has become a barren land with no grass that can grow, people are nervous and in panic. People lack life energy.

Who is in the biggest panic now? What are they talking about? What are they worried about?

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