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Blondie in China, Amy's BACK :-)

Amy Lyons is from Australia! She's better know as "Blondie in China" on Youtube, and has over 19,631,049 views & 210K subscribers. Amy's been travelling around China on and off for the last 5 years now, and SHE LOVES IT!

Amy Lyons shares some of her crazy adventures and spreads positive vibes :) in life, and on social media channels Youtube Instagram Weibo Bilibili Doyin Tik Tok and more

Earlier this month Amy was so excited to announce BLONDIE IS GOING BACK TO CHINA!

Stay tuned for lots of updates and exciting adventures. Amy landed in China 2 weeks back and will be out of quarantine very soon now. Just the last seven days quarantining at a friends place.

#blondie_in_china @blondieinchina on Instagram #amy_lyons #real_people #real_life_stories

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