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PHILOSOPHY | THE BATTLE FOR HEARTS AND MINDS - people who don't understand the power of ideas often belittle the discipline of philosophy. Yet Aristotle and Socrates, Sun Tzu and Lao Tzu, Jesus and Muhammed have all reached up to thousands of years into the future to transform the IDEAS by which we now live. Our legal and governance systems have made these philosophies our laws.


There are people on LinkedIn right now who personify the advent of the NEW IDEAS and FRESH THINKING that we need to transform a world in conflict to a world in harmony.

Ideas like women in leadership, inclusive advisory boards, diverse leadership teams and organisations genuinely representative of their diverse stakeholders.

There are incumbent leaders who personify the shift to diversity and inclusion, along with important voices that are currently being marginalised by 'the old guard'. We see so many white faces in Western organisations, even though we are a multicultural society, so is our diversity represented?

In the case of Australia, over 1 million Chinese people live in Sydney. In Perth we are in the China time zone. Every household in Australia has KOGAN - MADE IN CHINA AND LOVES IT.

But how are we doing in terms of loving our neighbour as ourselves? How good are we at being geographically part of Asia, in terms of how well our leadership represents our neighborship with Asia?

This new generation of influencers in the arena of globalisation, multiculturalism, diversity, and inclusion, have themselves experienced prejudice and indignity.

Share YOUR powerful messages to bring change.

The new generation does not seek to insatiate egoistic self-interest, but rather; seeks to inspire, encourage, and empower the confluence of interest and the harmony of humanity. BEYOND BORDERS, and into FUTURE SPACE.

If you have something positive to say about east-west unity and want to educate and support understanding, I welcome you to use RCN ASIA - ASIA ENGAGE as a platform FOR YOUR VOICE.

TV CHANNEL syndicate your YouTube
BLOG share global interest stories

A new generation of REGIONAL MANAGERS advising on Asia are being appointed for every country worldwide, to profit share on ASIA ENGAGE territorial revenue.

ASIA INFLUENCERS are each being given the support to syndicate their content to a global audience, specifically interested in ENGAGING ASIA.

You will be able to sell your products and services through the ASIA ENGAGE platform as if selling on ETSY or eBAY, AMAZON or ALIBABA.

A platform for PROFESSIONAL SERVICES people and advisors to promote and gain business clients.

I'm locking in ASIA ADVISORS from now until DEC 31, then between March and May (when I'm ready) I will promote the ASIA ENGAGE APP to Small to Medium businesses worldwide, through our Regional Managers and industry partner networks.




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