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AU & NZ Chinese Payments App

It's high time for low fees in AU & NZ

This post will help you to:

  • pay much lower merchant per-transaction fees.

  • have a much quicker remittance to bank account.

  • be supported to achieve better business cash flow.

Globally, it's time to make it simple and quick to connect AU and NZ businesses with the 900 million WeChatPay and an additional 900 million AliPay wallets in use.

When you think about, using digital apps to sell your products and services, is the fastest way to sell both locally and to achieve an immediately viable cash flow from export.

It's easier to hop on an app, than on a plane.

Anyone can download an app to get started, but almost everyone also needs just a little bit of practical help to optimise their business process and their customer journey.

This optimisation is important, because there is an amazing opportunity to achieve scalable growth from cross cultural commerce, making the shift from a small to medium business.

Which becomes clearly evident, when you can hop on a Payments app, suddenly you find yourself invoicing Chinese clients in plain English.

Any business can now do this.
Locally, 1.4 million Chinese Australian and New Zealand residents, have a daily habit of using WeChat. They each have CNY locked away in WeChatPay and AliPay wallets.
What if YOU could use an App to unlock this value?

At RCN we take mapping the East to West digital commerce pathway seriously.

We perform a role as your Sherpa and Guide to prepare your entire business process pathway. We are doing this for all Australasian business, providing support for each business step. We have no competitors, because we work with all of the service providers who you are going to need to work together to optimise your unique business process.

Start thinking about YOUR business potential.

The scale with Chinese consumers downunder is massive, due a largely untapped and poorly serviced customer niche. Once you start taking business growth seriously, then you can begin to establish the business preparation to meet the opportunity.

Essentially, what your business has access to, is a very large pool of 1.4 million neglected customers, who have CNY in wallets, easily converted to AUD and NZD. If that potential exists, why aren't more businesses doing this?

"One of the key problems that businesses face, is that integration of technology involves a level of complexity beyond the capability of most marketing vendors. Marketing is now an integrated technology function, using API's as Channels to Market.Businesses need an organisation that can implement and simplify the customer journey from leveraging marketing calls to action, while also creating all the connectors to get the money to bank. This process has to also mitigate business risk on compliance and tax. AND it has to support the lifetime value of customer relationship management. This is why RCN acts like a cooperative, we can then provide an end to end service under one digital roof.

Glyn MacLean - MD, RCN

There is also a distinctive discipline required for Western-China business process improvement. This involves business owners and managers developing a capability to 'Just Add China' by becoming "China Business Ready". Learning how to use Apps on a "Digital Pathway" (customer journey), a critical business improvement path that every businesses must take to reach the "Pinnacle of Business with China. Payments is a crucial step.It's not complicated when you think about it, so lets make it easier to sell."

The Chinese consumer audience has some of the biggest shopping days worldwide.

Singles Day is bigger than Cyber Monday and Black Friday combined with a GMV (Gross Merchandise Value) of sales during the 24 hour period exceeding 30 billion US dollars.

RCN PAYMENTS connects Australia and New Zealand businesses to this market value through a service partnership powered by a leading payment gateway provider LATIPAY.

The LatiPay payments platform is more simple than PAYPAL or STRIPE and far more beneficial for Australia and New Zealand. This is due to having the scale of reach to 1.4 Billion Chinese consumers worldwide.

The impacts for small to medium business?

Sole Traders and Small Business in New Zealand can use the RCN PAYMENTS Powered by Latipay payments platform to get paid from any WeChatPay or LatiPay Wallet - anywhere in the world. Once set up (under 5 working days) the service can get Chinese payments to New Zealand based Bank Accounts within 48 hours = T+1 or T+2.

That's a remittance to bank service faster than STRIPE and as good as PAYPAL. Fees are 50% cheaper than PayPal. Paying only 1.5% per transaction.

The set up fee for this is just USD$149 - however, we suggest doing the WeChat for Business workshop first. For less than USD$650 (WeChat for Business and RCN Payments bundle) a small AU or NZ business will gain a commercial digital channel to the Chinese consumer market and have an immediate B2C and (or) B2B audience with the ability to get Yuan¥ Rennimbi Chinese payments to NZD$ bank in as fast as 24 hours.  For more information user MEMBERS CHAT.

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