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AU-CN trade: ABC questions Collateral Damage, RCN answers: Friendship First, Business Second.

Red Circle Network Chairman of our Asia Advisory Board on Culture and Commerce speaks to the ABC News Story, "The collateral damage of Australia trade war with China."

NB: For deeper context, I encourage our members to preview the ABC News story at the link below, before reading my response to it.

English version:

Chinese version:

Duncan Calder | Chairperson, Red Circle Network Advisory Board on Asia Culture and Commerce.

We live in a deeply polarised world. We see this polarisation in most countries and on multiple issues. From race to religion from politics to climate.

The common denominator is that public discourse occurs at the extremes not the centre. Media looks for spokespeople at the extremes and provide platforms that dominate dialogue.

I long for the days of moderates.

People of balance & wisdom who can see both sides of the picture.

After all that is where the truth and negotiating ground always lies.

In the China space it is unfashionable, even dangerous to say that fault lies on both sides. Each side has well funded propaganda - but the West is arguably more experienced and effective in such campaigns. China as a single party state is in unfamiliar terrain.

Australia probably went over the top in its dealings with China; of course China's response has been over the top too. So we are stuck in a deep rut. And it is causing Australians great pain.

There is no simple solution. In 2008, Foreign Affairs Minister Steven Smith pulled a rabbit out of the hat with a well worded apology. This time will not be so easy. What I do know is that an answer lies in positions closer to the centre and through focusing on friendship first.


Visit Australia-China Friendship Society:

Duncan Calder - Chairman,

Red Circle Network | Advisory Board,

Asia Culture and Commerce

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