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Asia Engage NOW: friendly-business.

RCN Asia COMMUNITY NOTICE | Web App Platform Update.

RCN Asia is building a friendly-culture AND enterprising-business Platform as a Service (PaaS) (Web App) which around the office we call ASIA ENGAGE.

Our purpose is to connect those who can help, with those who want help, as we collaborate across cultures globally in the Asian Age.

You may like to think of this as the Alibaba of Cross-Cultural Professional Services, that begins with providing a safe harbour for friendships through positive engagements, between Greater Asia and the rest of the world. It has taken us 4 years to get to this beginning.


RCN ASIA WEBSITE (currently) includes:

APP | Real-time community & commerce App iOS & Android ✅

PROFILES | Asia Advisor & Friendship & Business Profiles (Free) ✅

Sign up FREE via

ADVISORY MEMBERS | 165 + Asia Advisors (global) ✅

FRIENDS & BUSINESSES | now inviting Friends & Business

TV | RCN Asia TV engine and initial episodes ✅

BLOG | Advisor Blogs and Search Engine ✅

COMMUNITY | Community Engagement Engine integration ✅

Supporting real-time, global friendly connection and self-service.

PAYWALL | Services Paywall ✅

- Chinese Name ✅

- KOL promotion ✅

- WeChat Official Account ✅

- WeChatPay & AliPay Payments set up in NZ, AU and USA ✅


- Real influence learn to become an influencer ✅

- WeChat for business training for individuals and groups ✅

- China Business Ready Programs ✅

- Digital Pathway to China ✅

Sign Up Free:

Glyn MacLean | Founder of RCN Asia

RCN Asia is an innovation of Glyniverse Projects to bring dignity to humanity

across and beyond cultures.

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